Lita's Desk

I am Lita T. Cruz based in Seattle, born in the Philippines. I started  
seriously writi
ng and composing when I got an award for the novel I wrote
in 1997 entitled "Starless Starr: A Story of Heartbreak, Challenge and
Glory" coupled with two songs I composed w
ith same title "Starless Starr".
Before I go any further, I wish to inform all
readers of this column, that I am no
longer connected with Tate Publishing
and Tate Music Group.

My 18 songs with two albums were
recorded and released under Tate Music

I was happy that my two CD Albums,
Starless Starr having a total of eighteen
songs were distributed to several music
stores nationwide by Tate Music Group.
Much to my regret, however, each time I used my music as cover songs
for videos I posted on my You Tube Channel, Orchard Music would
charged me of "Copyright Infringement", through Tate Music Group. No
matter how I explained to them that i am the composer of all those songs,
Orchard Music kept on charging me with copyright infringement. They
made money for all clicks on my videos even including my own clicks.

I tried to seek help from Tate Music Group, only to be bashed by their
manager. She said that Orchard Music is one of their big client and they
can not terminate their contract with the company. So what I did, was to
terminate my contract with Tate Music Group. I was not making money
anyway. If ever they got any money from the company which harassed
me, I did not get a royalty out of it. All I got from their association with
Orchard Music group was harassment! No regrets! Now I can use my
songs in all videos i create without any hassle.

On January 17, 2017, Tate Publishing announced online that they were in
the process of transition, and they gave their existing authors an option
for contract release  should they wanted to.

I am one person who i
s not comfortable with controversy, so I signed the
release forms Tate Publishing provided online. I released them from my
contract, that way, I and them will no longer bother each other again.

One of my novels, Enchanted Limbo is with BookLocker currently under
production.  My other two novels, The Diary of a Teacher and Starless
Starr: A Story of Heartbreak, Challenge and Glory are still waiting for the
right time and the right place according to the dictate of fate.

I spent my savings on my three novels and eighteen songs with Tate  
Publishing and Tate Music Group to end up with ended relationship
because of whatever problems T
ate currently have. Now, my novels and
my songs are like orphans without a home and it is my responsibility to
find another guardian for them.

Thinking positively, who am I  to contradict destiny? I trust God. He is my
Father and He won't allow bad things to happen to me.  I am sure things
happen for a good reason. He wants something better for me. He has
other plans and all I have to do is pray and wait.

Did I lose money with Ta
te? Looking from the point of cash coming out
from my bank, I say, I did
. However, looking on another angle, I can say, it
is better to lose money learning something, rather than to lose it because
of mental or physical issues.

I was bitter and disappointed for a while, but everything has cool down. I
accepted my first blow in the music industry, and my second on the
writing business, I am sure the third one is big success of both music
and novels!

Enchanted Limbo m
ay be completed sometime by third week of  
February 26, 2017. I will receive the first copy for review and approval.  
My novel will be launched again. Praise the L