Mardi Gras In August  2007

Hello and Welcome!

This is Lita T. Cruz, a mother to eight
awesome children, mother in law to seven
loving children in law,  a doting grandmother
to ten grandchildren and one great
grandchild. I am a retired Filipino American
Lita T. Cruz
Author/Composer of
Starless Starr: A Story of
Heartbreak, Challenge and
woman who loves to write stories and to compose songs. I spend so much time
in my computer, more than twelve hours a day.

I will personally handle this website so my family, friends and readers would be
updated on some issues they might be interested in. It will be my personal diary
as well as my business blog.

This website will update you weekly on what you want to know about my moods,
experiences, novels and my songs. As you read articles about my three novels,
you will hear my eighteen composed songs interpreted by popular Dallas
favorite singers singing and entertaining you while you read the articles posted
on this website.

If you want to reach me, please feel free to send me an email at: and I will reply.  I will create a "Society Page
Column" where I can feature family members and friends who want to appear for
one week in that specific page.

Please feel free to visit
my website:
or send me an email at: