February 14, 2017

The Diary of a Teacher previously  published by
TATE Publishing on
January 08, 2016 was terminated by Lita T. Cruz January 22, 2017
when the publishing company went into a transition and offered
release to authors who
wanted to terminate their contract. .

Lita T. Cruz opted to just sign the release form and she moved on. She
believes that things happen for a good reason. Her novel might be better
off with another publisher

For now, the author will take it one at a time. She submitted one of her
books to BookLocker and will wait until it is launched before she will work

on this novel. After what happened to all her books and her songs, which
she entrusted to one publisher, she realized that success does not
depend on how hard one works. It also depends on luck coupled with
being careful.

The author does not stop writing and composing. She still believes that all
her work will have their own time in the near future.

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The Diary of a Teacher