Lita T. Cruz has three novels published
in the market and a total of eighteen
songs in two CD Album formerly
published with Tate Publishing and its
sister company, Tate Music Group.

Unfortunately, the publishing company
closed in January 17, 2017 leaving all
authors and their composers floating on
limbo. They were offered release forms,
which Lita decided to take so she can
move on.

Several publishers offered discounted
rates on ex-Tate Authors, and Lita
decided to sign up with Angela Hoy of Currently, as of this
date, February 13, the novel she
submitted has been republished and
would be released two weeks from now.

Enchanted Limbo, a temporary dwelling planet for souls in transition.

Enchanted Limbo, is a fiction, action/thriller, hate-love story of characters with
untimely death. Mission Soul Salvation was initiated providing souls a chance to
go back to earth with holy guardians to redeem their souls.

The main characters of Enchanted Limbo were Marlo, an eighteen-year-old
victim of sibling rivalry. He resorted to drugs and died of overdose. Patricia, an
executive, who experienced a fit of jealousy against her husband and his
assistant. In retaliation, she sought the company of their marketing executive and
found herself sleeping in a hotel room, beside him. She panicked, got her car,
drove fast and met a tragic accident. Veronica, an orphan turned into a
hard-heartened spinster, selfish, loveless, self-centered. She had a mission that
would boost her ego, when she died of heart attack.

Marlo, Patricia and Veronica had untimely death, so their souls went up to
Enchanted Limbo ruled by King Solomon and Queen Olivia. They won the raffle
to be sent back to earth, accompanied by three holy spirits, Brother Angelo,
Sister Angela and Sister Lucille. The souls were ready to straighten up the wrong
doings they did when they were alive. With the bad spirits on the loose, would
they be successful?
One of the novels published in early 2015 was The Diary of a Teacher, which
has also been released by the defunct, Tate Publishing. This will be re-published
after the launching of Enchanted Limbo
Starless Starr will
be re-published
after the completion
of Enchanted Limbo
and Diary of a
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